A view from Odaiba Island (Photo: Kaitlynn Scannell)

Tokyo at Night

Enjoy Tokyo with tons of people watching and lights

A view from Odaiba Island (Photo: Kaitlynn Scannell)
Kaitlynn Scannell   - 3 min read

Tokyo at night is the city of lights. Around every corner is a new street or alleyway where the hustle bustle never stops. After spending a week in Tokyo I still have no clue which way is which but the bewilderment of each turn keeps my legs moving. Here are some of the best things to do at night in Tokyo.

Head to Shinjuku for bright lights and some dancing, where every turn from the busiest station in Tokyo has people spilling out onto the streets. One of the best things to do is stop at a local convenience store, grab some ice cream and roam the fantastically lit streets.

Next I would shift to Shibuya where the people watching and chaos go hand in hand. The Shibuya scramble crossing is the busiest in Tokyo. The sheer energy of the place makes you stop and watch. Right outside the station is also the Hachikō Statue, a must see if you are a dog- or animal lover for that matter.

After that, move over to Roppongi, where some of the best nightlife spots are located. A view of Tokyo Tower can be seen with all its glory. A huge sculpture of a spider, Louise Bourgeois' Maman, meets you along the way. In Roppongi, on many nights there are film premiers, world-class art exhibitions, and always tons of shopping opportunities.

If you have time stop at Odaiba Island, the island is perfect for the majestic sights of Tokyo bay. You can head over to the look out over the beaches to see the bridge lit up or hop onto the Ferris wheel to get a birds eye view. If you are hungry or in need to shop, many of the malls are open to 9 p.m. Legoland, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and Gundam, a huge robot statue are all perfect photo-ops.

All in all, Tokyo is an amazing city to explore day or night. The smell of food brushing your nose down every lane. The hustle and bustle of tourists and locals alike. Whether you like to go dancing or drinking you will find tons of places here. And who could forget karoake! Favorited by everyone who comes to Tokyo, you can try karoke by yourself, with a group of friends, or try one of the many bars located all over the city where you get to sing with complete strangers. Tokyo is truly a city of lights.

Kaitlynn Scannell

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