Namachan (Photo: Guillaume Doré)

Namachan Brewing

Smoke Beer Factory

Namachan (Photo: Guillaume Doré)
Guillaume Doré   - 2 min read

If you are in he northern part of the Yamamoto line and want to try some nice beer, stop by Otsuka station and visit Namachan brewing.

When you get in front of the restaurant, you will know you are at the right place when you see the cute mascot, that I guess is named Namachan. When I arrived there was places at the counter on the first floor, but there is also tables on the second floor. I am not sure how crowded it get, but I saw several people coming who had previously made a reservation.

They have a dozen of beer available on tap, seven of them where their own beer, one was a collaboration with a different brewery and the four last where other craft beer. They are available in three sizes and the price ranged from 580¥ for the cheapest small glass to 1780¥ for the most expensive pint. You will also get served a 300¥ otoshi on your first order. They also have food on the menu and as I went for dinner, I ordered their fish and chips. I am by no mean an expert of that dish, but I thought it was good.

As for the beer, you might guess from the place name that they do smoked beer. My first glass was their Rauch, that is a type of beer that I had not tried before. There was for sure a Smokey taste to it, but nothing overpowering and I did like it. For my second glass, I went with their white beer it’s one of my favorite type and it was also quite good. The other beer I would mention are the Imperial Rauch, that had a higher alcohol contend and I assume a stronger smoke taste as well as a spicy beer. They seems to often make new beers so what is available might change when you go. They also had whiskey on the drink menu if that is your preferred drink.

On a final note, when I got my glass, the bartender did bring a small painting that illustrate beer, making a nice backdrop for your social media picture. Painting of previous beer where also hanging over the bar to add to the decor.

Guillaume Doré

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