Photo: Rachel Liu

Gorilla Coffee in Roppongi

From New York to Tokyo

Photo: Rachel Liu
Rachel Liu   - 3 min read

Originally from Brooklyn, Gorilla Coffee was started with the dream of bringing great coffee to people in New York City. After expanding its shops in Shibuya and Ikebukuro, a third shop has come to Tokyo at Roppongi Hills West Walk. Offering “mighty strong coffee” along with some limited edition items, Gorilla Coffee is a great place to feel the vibe of Roppongi.

With an aspiration to bring the city’s energy to their customers, Gorilla Coffee offers a wide range of Espresso from ¥450 and coffee from ¥330. One recommended menu item is Red Eye (¥450), a drip coffee with an espresso shot added to it, which will get you ready for a busy day. If you are not a coffee lover, try their famous homemade drinks (¥450), such as spicy lemonade and orangeade, or shake (¥600), including banana & chocolate, dark cherry & yogurt, and banana & milk. Food options range from the signature menu item “Gorilla Dog”(¥650) to “Eggslut” (¥500), which can be a good combination with any drink from the menu. For sweets (¥450), there are three options of biscuit sandwich: mix berry, banana & chocolate, and espresso dark caramel, which is always good to have with a cup of hot coffee.

Although from New York and promotes American style coffee, Gorilla Coffee Roppongi Hills has its own creation added with Japanese elements. Modeling green, lively Roppongi Mouri Garden, “Empire Matcha Sundae” (¥980, tax excluded, same below) is reminiscent of New York’s Empire State Building, with toppings of cream cheese, kiwi, banana, blackberry, and Oreo, along with blended coffee. The sweet Matcha and fresh fruits will add coolness and refreshment to this hot weather. It is always good to order one and head to a nice nearby spot.

To adapt to Tokyo’s fast-paced lifestyle, Gorilla Coffee Roppongi Hills has developed a mobile ordering system. Making an order on your smartphone app and picking it up during your break will save you much time on a busy weekday. The screen in the shop also shows the waiting time for each order, so you can always go explore other shops while waiting and then come back for the newly made drink.

Getting there

Gorilla Coffee Roppongi Hills is a 7 minute walk from Roppongi Station. It is on the 4th floor of Roppongi Hills West Walk

Rachel Liu

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