A Neapolitan pizza (Photo: Logan Williamson)

Salvatore Cuomo

Casual Italian dining in an upscale atmosphere

A Neapolitan pizza (Photo: Logan Williamson)
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Roppongi Hills offers luxury and convenience to those looking for a day of shopping and dining out on the town. One restaurant that stands out from the rest is Salvatore Cuomo, a casual Italian eatery offering an upscale atmosphere and view of Mori Garden.

If you are looking for Italian cuisine and are in the Roppongi Hills area, Salvatore Cuomo can satisfy your craving. Located right beside the tranquil and always beautiful Mori Garden, Salvatore Cuomo offers a chic and contemporary ambience where you can enjoy fresh pasta and pizza inspired by the famous chef for whom the restaurant was named.

A patio space greets you when you arrive with outdoor seating and lots of beautiful greenery that parallels the lush garden beside it. The landscaping adds a sense of privacy to the outdoor area which is really nice if you want a relaxing break from a day of exploring Roppongi Hills. The interior of the restaurant is quite gorgeous as well, with a rustic yet modern design that is welcoming and bright. The layout is stylish and feels just a luxurious as it’s surrounding counterparts, such as the Louis Vuitton and Armani stores which are located nearby.

There is an open and modern kitchen with two wooden communal tables that overlook it. There is more “bar” style seating that lines the length of the restaurant as well with high tables and booths. The menu varies depending on the time of day, but always offers a wide selection of tempting and mouth watering options. We ordered the classic Neapolitan pizza and some soft drinks. The food was delivered promptly and was just-out-of-the-oven hot. It was not the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life, but it definitely was delicious and hit the spot.

While the staff did not all speak English fluently, we had no problems ordering our food and having a wonderful experience at Salvatore Cuomo. There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in Tokyo, but if you want a bit more of an upscale yet still casual dining experience with delicious, authentic pizza, I highly recommend Salvatore Cuomo!

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