Everyone was waiting until they could into the city office. (Photo: George Popescu)

Coming of Age Day at Meiji Jingu

Amazing special kimonos and smiles all around!

George Popescu   - 1 min read

Coming of Age Day is a traditional Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday in January. It is held to congratulate all those who have reached the age of twenty years old in the past year and get them ready to be adults. For this ceremony, many people go to the shrine first to pay their respects and then they go to the ward office to listen to speeches and receive small presents from government officials.  Many young women wear a special type of kimono called "furisode" that has long sleeves and incredibly intricate design. Men sometimes wear traditional clothes but these days most of them just wear a tailored suit instead. Many people visit Meiji Jingu shrine and that's where I had the opportunity to take photos of their celebrations. It was a joyous occasion unspoiled by the rainy morning and everyone was very happy and smiling throughout the afternoon.

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