Suita Fire Festival 2025

An event with around 1300 years of history in Osaka

Kim   - 2 min read
Venue : Jōkō Enmanji Temple When : Mid Feb 2025

The annual Suita Fire Festival at Osaka's Jōkō Enmanji Temple has a history of around 1300 years, and is often referred to as the fire festival with no escape owing to the venue's narrow precincts and the numerous city buildings surrounding it. Attendees can get right up close to the action at the event, which is a big part of the appeal.

Photo: Religious corporation Jokoenmanji Temple

Being covered in the smoke from the fire festival is said to bring good luck and good health plus ward off evil spirits, so if you need an extra positive start to your year this is a great event to check out.

Photo: Religious corporation Jokoenmanji Temple

If you plan on attending, wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little smoky smelling. There is also the potential of ash falling on them, so keep that in mind when picking your attire for the day.

Getting there

Jōkō Enmanji Temple is located approximately five minutes on foot from Suita Station, which is served by the Hankyu Senri Line.


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