The walls are decorated with so many pictures and posters. (Photo: Komal Khiani)

Izakaya & Bar - Boo

Where celebrations begin and memories are made forever

The walls are decorated with so many pictures and posters. (Photo: Komal Khiani)
Komal Khiani   - 3 min read

Izakaya & Bar Boo is a local pub owned by Boo-san, a minute by foot from Tsukamoto Station in Osaka. This great bar has been around for 7 years now and it is like a second home to many locals and friends.

During my stay, I came across Boo’s bar while walking down to my apartment. I could hear good loud music while passing by; I liked that, and so I decided to go and visit the bar the next day.

The bar has a very friendly environment; the walls are very well decorated with pictures of regular customers, the staff and their memorable trips together. You will also find funny sketches of the staff and Boo-san on the walls above the bar, Gangnam style decors and a crazy collection of Spider-Man miniatures. The peppy Japanese music makes this place very lively.

The drinks will cost you around ¥​450; and if you love cocktails, then you must try them at Boo’s. Meet Mio-san and Hiromu-san who are a part of the staff and are the best people to make your drinks. Try Mio’s creative cocktails and enjoy them with some fried chicken made by Boo-san, which is also a specialty of the bar. I would highly recommend the oysters and sea urchins prepared Japanese-style, a favourite amongst local customers. Sea urchins with sake are a traditional dish in Osaka.

Boo’s bar is open from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m., but the bar is packed with customers on weekends, so it is better to go a little early. In case the bar is full, extra arrangements for customers are made outside the bar, especially for large groups. Every customer is considered as a friend at Boo’s and they believe in treating them special.

The locals and regular customers at Boo’s are very welcoming people. Not being able to speak Japanese it is a little difficult to order at local bars like this one, but at Boo’s you will always find people who help you to order your drinks. Listen to their suggestions regarding the different local Japanese dishes; they are the food experts at this bar.

Boo’s bar is an interesting and homely place. The people there are always interested in you and your stories, and in return they will share their own. It is a place where you can eat delicious food, enjoy some nice cocktails and have fun with the locals, and all that at an affordable price. If you are in Osaka I would highly recommend to visit Boo’s bar. You might enter alone, but you will end your night with an amazing bunch of new friends.

Getting there

It is a short walk from Tsukamoto Station, which is only one stop from Osaka by train.

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