The unique building stands out strikingly among the other buildings in Osaka (Photo: Michelle Montano)

Umeda Sky Building at Twilight

The perfect time and place for a romantic date in Osaka

The unique building stands out strikingly among the other buildings in Osaka (Photo: Michelle Montano)
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Umeda Sky Building's floating garden observatory has one of the best and most romantic views in Osaka.

From the top of the observatory, you have a 360-degree view of Osaka. The scenery is beautiful both in the day and at night. During the day, you can see far off into the distance, and at night, city lights glitter exquisitely in the dark. However the best time to visit Umeda Sky Building is at twilight.

Twilight at Umeda Sky Building is the ideal location for a date. The building itself is designed for couples and is romantic and dreamy. Inside of the observatory, cozy seats for two are set up for a brilliant view facing the north.

On this floor you can find a shop that sells heart shaped locks with engraved names. When you reach the outside observatory just up the stairs, you'll find a depressed area with two red seats that, pushed together, also look like a heart. Couples are encouraged to take pictures here. Gates with hundreds of locks surround the chairs. You and your partner can hang your locks here, eternally entwined, in hopes of an happy, everlasting relationship.

The view from the observatory is known as the "million dollar view," but at twilight, it can also be a million color view. In the day the blue skies and skyscrapers are breathtaking, but as day gives way to night, you can watch the sky ignite into blazing oranges and yellows, then quietly fade to softer purples and pinks. The building's unique bowl shape reflects the sky, so that it feels like your walking through an iridescent sea.

As darkness falls, the city lights glitter to life. Neon lights on the observatory floor are also turned on and make white clothing glow, so that you and your partner can become part of the dazzling display, too.

The atmosphere is set as love songs play quietly while couples holding hands wander the roof, taking in the beautiful sights at all angles. Trains and cars crossing the Yodo River make a stunning and serene scene.

Once you've had your take of the view, you and your significant other can end the night downstairs at one of three restaurants at the observatory. There's Sangu's Chinese cuisine, cafe SKY40 or drinks and cocktails at Sky Lounge Stardust, which all offer a shimmering window view of Osaka.

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