Who would say no to this delicious-looking breakfast set after having a bad morning? (Photo: Vicky Amin)

Barissimo Italian Bar Umeda

An enjoyable way to start or end your trip in Osaka

Who would say no to this delicious-looking breakfast set after having a bad morning? (Photo: Vicky Amin)
Vicky Amin   - 3 min read

It started as a normal day in Osaka. Yet I felt a little bit blue, because it was my last day and I had to catch my bus to Tokyo at 10. Then a little incident happened, quickening me back to the subway and to skip breakfast. The train came a bit longer than usual, and to make it worse, I missed my stop. It turned out to be a rough morning, and I was actually ready for worse things to happen—but then Barissimo appeared.

Situated near one of Umeda Station’s northern exits, the calming atmosphere of the coffee place snapped me out of my despair. I was determined to avoid any detours and to make a bee line for the bus but the warm brown and maroon interior of Barissimo was calling me. There is still time, and you deserve a good drink after such crazy morning. I convinced myself, as I dragged my luggage inside the room.

The aroma of typical roasted coffee filled my nose when I stepped in, gradually cured my mood even before I had anything. A very caring waitress came to me (she was even aware about my trouble and offered me some help!), describing the best deal they had for morning customers. Not a bad start after all! I whispered to myself.

The waitress walked away and I used the waiting moments to calm down. I let myself seep into the Italian bar, absorbing the environment. A mother and her young-adult daughter were in front of me, chitchatting. A salaryman in the corner of the smoking room, arranging tables with the waitress for his upcoming companions. A pleasant tune was playing, and when I realized it was traditional Italian music, I felt like my spirits had returned.

Seconds after, my breakfast came: a delicately decorated coffee, plus a pastrami bagel sandwich with melted cheese and lettuce. Both looked really tempting to the eyes—and as expected, everything was delicious. The coffee was perfectly roasted (even a tea drinker like me could fall for it), and the bagel was tender and tasty. I took the time to savor each bit, just to keep the taste lingering, and eventually my day turned better. The next thing I remembered, I forgot about my mad start.

The fact that Barissimo Bar is located next to Umeda Station makes it a great checkpoint. People who have just arrived in the city by train or by bus could stop by for a minute before going on their trip, and people who are about to leave can make a quick stop before saying goodbye. It could serve as a very good beginning in the city, or in my case, a lovely conclusion to my trip.

Vicky Amin

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