Entrance to Eki Marché! (Photo: Xia Fei Chiew)

Affordable Gourmet at Eki Marche

Dieters beware

Entrance to Eki Marché! (Photo: Xia Fei Chiew)
Xia Fei Chiew   - 3 min read

This is what you need to do before setting course for Eki Marche. Make sure your wallets are fat and that your stomach is empty. I would even go as far as to say, starve yourself before going, the hunger will be worth it.

Before we start, here is a quick language lesson. Eki Marche literally translates into Station Market (Eki=Station In Japanese; Marche=Market in French). As its namesake, Eki Marche is located in the basement of JR Osaka Station and is almost impossible to miss. Due to its convenient location, it is perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner during your trip, especially if you are headed for attractions near the Osaka/Umeda area.

So what is in stall for you and your stomach?

For the health conscious, there is the VEGEFURU Station where they sell pre-cut seasonal fresh fruits and salads. If you feel a tad sinful, you can get the fruit sandwich, which is basically fresh fruits between bread with a whole lot of whipped cream. If you are feeling international, there is a Thai food stall selling spring-rolls and Thai-themed bentos. Naturally, since you are in Japan, you would be eyeing the Japanese food. Rice and Bento are readily available at Tagosaku and Wa no Kuni.

But all that is just the tips of the ice-berg, further down inside Eki Marche are the restaurants serving up all sorts of fares. Shanghainese food, vegetable curry, Omu Rice…chances are if you can name it, you can find it.

Of course, that is given that you made it through all the food stalls without stuffing yourself full of delectable desserts, because, lets face it. The star of Eki Marche is definitely their huge selection of crafted, quality desserts.

Citron Fromage from Kobe? Check. Black sesame cream puffs? Check. Dorayaki, Daifuku, softfies, pound cake, cheesecake, pudding, crepes…check, check, check, check, check, check and check! Also, I should remind you, these are not just any dessert and sweets shops, nearly all the stores at Eki Marche are famous, reputable, if not downright historical brands. It is not uncommon to see housewives and young women coming in, gushing and squealing about how ‘so-and-so’ brand is the most delicious pudding in Osaka. Fear not however, despite their reputation, these snacks are hardly exorbitant. Their prices are every bit similar to all the other sweet shops you have no doubt patronized in the basement food hall of other malls.

Though honestly, my words are not doing these delicacies any justice, so I will just let the photos speak for themselves now.

Xia Fei Chiew

Xia Fei Chiew @xia.fei.chiew