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The official event flyer
The official event flyer (Photo: Kim B)

Translations: Understanding Misunderstanding 2020-2021

A special exhibition at 21 21 Design Sight

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Venue : 21_21 Design Sight When : Oct 16th - Mar 7th 2021, 11:00am - 6:30pm

Translation generally refers to the process of converting words from one language to another, and it has long been an important way of aiding communication and understanding between cultures. In the modern era, there are a host of different electronic translation tools, but they can't always capture important parts of the translation process such as tone and the body language of the person communicating the message.

A special exhibition at Roppongi's 21 21 Design Sight museum looks into the intricacies of this process at the "Translations: Understanding Misunderstanding" exhibition. The event will include hands-on exhibits using automatic translation by AI, images from Creole speakers who are fluent in multiple languages, and examples of sign language to name a few. Adult admission to the event is 1200 yen.

Getting there

The 21 21 Design Sight museum is located a 5 minute walk from Roppongi Station (served by the Toei Oedo Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) and Nogizaka Station (served by the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line).

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