The many lovely trees and benches throughout Tadao Park (Photo: Daniel Vesey)

Tadao Park in Machida

A walk amongst a wide variety of vibrant greens

Daniel Vesey   - 2 min read

Walking through Machida Station and the surrounding area, you may feel swept away amongst the crowds of people. Newcomers might be forgiven for thinking that Machida is a hectic place only and nothing more. However, venture further afield and you will find Tadao Park, a peaceful getaway amongst a backdrop of hundreds of trees. With paths winding throughout a vast variety of greens, this is a great place to take a walk.

Some may visit to listen to the sounds of nature while relaxing on one of the many benches, others to have a picnic or lay in the sun and read a book. Perhaps fans of drawing will venture in to capture some of the picturesque spots.

On this particular day those from the elder generation walked through with smiling faces, while children played in the ponds with nets and buckets, showing that the park can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Daniel Vesey

Daniel Vesey @daniel.vesey

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