The bar offers a very different atmosphere from the sushi counter right beside it (Photo: Sarah Koh)

Sushi & Bar Koto

Sushi dining and bar retreat in Roppongi

The bar offers a very different atmosphere from the sushi counter right beside it (Photo: Sarah Koh)
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Located just next to the trendy Roppongi crossing, Sushi & Bar Koto is a different take on the average dining and entertainment experience in the exciting Roppongi district of Tokyo known for its vibrant nightlife. Offering fine Japanese seafood delicacies and drinks, this restaurant and bar combination has an ambiance that’s great for a date or a cozy business meeting.

With the interior divided into different zones, Sushi & Bar Koto offers a variety of experiences to its patrons. Upon walking inside, it almost appears as though there is a restaurant within a restaurant. The traditional such counter is surrounded by walls and traditional paper doors and, while connected, to the bar area can be a very different experience for those who are more interested in eating. In other areas, guests can enjoy private tatami rooms suited for groups, an elegant bar area, and even a karaoke room.

Sushi counter

Sit here to watch the masterful and friendly sushi chef, Mr. Yukio Tono, in action. The menu features an extensive selection of seafood including fish, shellfish and shrimp or rolls and rice bowls too. The menu is seasonal, which ensures your food is as fresh and good as it can possibly taste. Mr. Tono is also an expert in recommending the best drinks to pair with your course.

Get to know Tono-san as you enjoy your sushi
Get to know Tono-san as you enjoy your sushi

The seafood served is sweet, fresh and highly enjoyable.


If you’re feeling adventurous or are clueless on what’s good, simply ask for “omakase”, which is a customized menu based on the chef’s recommendation, the customer’s preferences, and seasonal produce. Trust Tono-san to take care of your taste buds.

Other recommendations

For some non-sushi recommendations, the poached red bream and ikura-and-uni chawanmushi are not to be missed.

Simply put, the poached red bream tastes heavenly! The delicate red bream fillet is gently poached in a sweet and savory broth that further enriches the sweetness of the fish, thus making it a truly mouthwatering dish.

As for the chawanmushi, the rich fish roe and creamy sea urchin complement the lightly-flavored steamed egg custard perfectly and the taste is a unique and memorable mix that will not be soon forgotten.

Tatami rooms

If you prefer to enjoy your meal in privacy or hold a gathering, opt for the tatami rooms instead. While the rooms are traditional in style, they remain comfortable with plenty of room for your legs through a recessed space in the tatami-lined deck. There are multiple rooms that can be separated or combined for medium and large-sized gatherings.

Reserve a cosy tatami room for privacy
Reserve a cosy tatami room for privacy

Bar Area

The concept of combining both sushi and bar under one roof was designed to eliminate that cumbersome feeling when searching for a place to drink just after you have become full and happy with your dinner. While the in-house bar of Sushi & Bar Koto is mere steps away from the sushi counter, it gives the impression of changing venues into a more suitable drinking environment.

The bar offers a very different atmosphere from the sushi counter right beside it
The bar offers a very different atmosphere from the sushi counter right beside it

The bar is beautifully designed by the proprietress, Ms. Miyuki Takeshita, who adorned the counter and light panels with traditional Japanese motifs of animals and snowflakes. If you’re lucky, you might even run into her or one of the other staff dressed in a beautiful kimono behind the counter.

For those simply looking for a nightcap, feel free to skip the sushi and come straight to the bar. The area is quite lively and fun with friendly staff behind the counter ready to serve and chat with the guests. Multiple walls lined with bottles ensure that there is an abundant mix of both Japanese and Western alcohols to enjoy.

Karaoke room

If you’re after a livelier night out, the karaoke room is perfect for that. With TV screens covering three out of four walls, feel free to let loose and indulge yourself by belting out songs complete with the dance moves.

This room is filled with comfortable chairs and sofas, making it a great place to relax if you are in Roppongi all night.

The spacious karaoke room
The spacious karaoke room

Sushi & Bar Koto is perfect for an all-in-one night with its sushi delicacies, bar and karaoke room. Open from six in the evening to five in the morning, it’s the ideal place to head to if you want to enjoy an excellent mix of the renowned and notorious Roppongi nightlife without braving the streets.

Getting there

From Roppongi Station’s Exit 5, head straight for Coco Roppongi Building which is located right in front of the exit, less than a minute’s walk away. Sushi & Bar Koto is upstairs on Level 5.

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