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Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival 2025

One of Tokyo's premier cherry blossom viewing spots

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Venue : Meguro River When : Late Mar - Mid Apr 2025
Japan's cherry blossom events generally rely on the Japan Meteorological Agency's forecasts. Since blossom dates are subject to change, please always check the venue's official site before you visit 🌸

Meguro River is one of Tokyo's best locations for waterside cherry blossoms against an urban setting. During springtime, the river and surrounding area play host to numerous festivals, from daytime performances to nighttime illuminations.

Typically, Meguro River will have several events during cherry blossom season that span multiple days.


  • Approximately 800 cherry trees
  • Illuminated pink lanterns along the river for mesmerizing nighttime views
  • Food trucks and performances during the day

Daytime festivities

During the day, you can enjoy aesthetic views of pastel blossoms against blue skies and watch fallen petals float gently on the Meguro River. In the past, the river has featured orchestra performances (at Gotanda Fureai Mizube Square) and food trucks selling a variety of cuisines, which are generally available from morning to evening. You will likely see numerous people picnicking on the grassy areas along the river.

Nighttime Illuminations

For the 2024 festival, the illumination period has been extended to April 14 (previously April 7). There will also be a colored light-up show from 6:50pm–7pm daily.

Between Ikejiri-Ohashi and Meguro Station, Meguro River will be adorned with lines of pink lanterns, which are illuminated from roughly 5pm–8pm.

Getting there

Meguro River is about a five-minute walk from Meguro Station on the Meguro, Mita, Namboku, and JR Yamanote Lines.

More info

Find out more about Meguro River.

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