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Keiō Mogusaen Plum Festival 2025

Enjoy the best of the blossoms at this hilltop garden

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Keiō Mogusaen When : Early Feb - Mid Mar 2025

Keiō Mogusaen is a garden with a history dating back to the early 18th century, and it's a popular spot in Tokyo to celebrate the best of plum blossom season. The garden grounds are home to somewhere around 500 plum trees, and their hilltop location means that visitors can also get some great views out over the surrounding area on their visit.

When the blossoms are looking their best, a festival is held to celebrate their beauty – you can expect it to run from early February until early March based on previous years, but do note that depending on weather conditions there can be fluctuations to the exact dates. There is an admission fee of 500 JPY for adults and 100 JPY for children to access the garden.

Getting there

Keiō Mogusaen can be reached in an easy 10 minutes on foot from Mogusaen Station, which is served by the Keio Line.


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