Photo: Hoshino Resorts

Hoshino Resorts Arrives in Tokyo, July 2016

Authentic Japan in the heart of cosmopolitan Tokyo

Photo: Hoshino Resorts
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Hoshino Resorts opens HOSHINOYA Tokyo on July 20th 2016, its fifth in the group's flagship brand since the opening of HOSHINOYA Karuizawa in 2005.

Situated in Otemachi—Tokyo's economic center—surrounded by financial and media giants, HOSHINOYA Tokyo carries a distinctive atmosphere thanks to its new central location, close to the Imperial Palace.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo is uniquely created as a “Japanese Ryokan” reminiscent of a “Tower” imbued with Hoshino Resort’s 100 years of expertise in the business.

Photo: Hoshino Resorts

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn where you can relax in a tatami-floored room with hot spring baths and seasonal cuisine. Ryokans, however, are hard to find in large cities and are more typically located in scenic areas such as in the mountains or by the ocean where the beauty of the seasons are celebrated.

Now staying in a ryokan is one of the most popular experience for tourists from overseas to enjoy the authentic Japan. At HOSHINOYA Tokyo, you have everything that you want to feel in the true Japan without leaving Tokyo. Enjoy the valuable moments of this once-in-a-lifetime encounter at HOSHINOYA Tokyo.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo lies in the city's economic center amid a landscape of buildings owned by financial and media giants. It is located on property once owned by the heirs of Sakai Tadatsugu, right-hand man to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Such a location calls for a suitably grand facade; yet these factors must not betray the creativity and sense of play that are essential to the HOSHINOYA experience. Balancing these concepts, a “tower ryokan” offers the warmth and relaxed ambience of a traditional Japanese inn, without being overshadowed by its imposing surroundings.

Beauty in Every Detail

HOSHINOYA Tokyo represents a marriage of traditional Japanese architecture and contemporary lifestyle. In a traditional ryokan, soft tatami matting is only used in the rooms. Here, it is used throughout the corridors and common spaces for ultimate relaxation. Elegant bamboo designs embellish sofas and closets; Japanese aesthetics grace the wallpaper and bath space. It is elegance with a focus on comfort.


Photo: Hoshino Resorts

Every floor features a common lounge that is exclusive to guests staying on that floor. Seasonal tea and snacks are served during the day, and alcohol is served at night. Guests are encouraged to use the space as a semi-private study or living room, where they are free to read a book, finish some work, or mingle with other guests and staff.

Hot Spring Baths

Soaking and relaxing in a hot spring bath is the most pleasurable moment of a ryokan stay. Otemachi Hot Spring and a spa occupy the 17th floor of HOSHINOYA Tokyo. The baths, which are supplied with curative waters, are located in rooms with open roofs, providing guests with a full view of the sky as they soak. It is a luxury available only to guests of the resort.

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