The sign from outside (Photo: Kim B)

Hoop Bagel

A slice of Americana in Fussa

The sign from outside (Photo: Kim B)
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The suburb of Fussa on the outskirts of Tokyo Prefecture is an interesting one. The area is dominated by the U.S. Military's Yokota Air Force Base, giving off a slight hint of Americana. Certain stores along Route 16 (the main drag through the area) accept U.S. dollars as well as yen, and some foodie options are also very American-inspired. Hoop Bagel is one such place, where guests can enjoy chewy, carb-filled goodness that offers a taste of home.

There are a wide variety of bagels available at Hoop on any given day, including a range of seasonal flavors that change throughout the year. You'll find plenty of staple bagel flavors including whole wheat, five grain, blueberry, and cheddar cheese, but often the seasonal flavors are the truly unique ones. Over summer they had a mango flavored bagel, really giving off a bit of a tropical vibe! Their rainbow bagels are also very popular, with a hint of sweetness but a ton of color.

Grabbing something to eat here is perfect if you're in the area with children, since they have high chairs and even a kids play area on the second floor. Service is fast and friendly, and even if you don't have the time to enjoy your bagel at their trendy cafe, it's super easy to grab something to-go.

If you were wondering, Hoop do allow you to pay with yen, U.S. dollars, or major credit cards - convenient!

Getting there

Hoop Bagel is located right on Route 16 in Fussa, Tokyo - directly across from the Yokota Air Base. There is a small parking lot out the front if you drive to the store.

Alternatively, if you're visiting the area via public transport, the closest station is Ushihama, on the JR Ome Line. From the station, Hoop Bagel is approximately a ten minute walk.


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