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Akasaka Bar Yokocho

Experience Japanese izakaya culture

Photo: Rachel Liu
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In Japanese, “yokocho” literally means “alley,” but it also refers to small pubs and bars, similar to what you have known as Japanese “Izakaya.” Yokocho used to be popular among mainly middle-aged or older men, but now it is well welcomed by women and young people, thanks to its cozy atmosphere. Newly opened Akasaka Bar-Yokocho is such a place that you can enjoy friendly conversations and relax yourselves.

Akasaka Bar-Yokocho combines Spanish bar culture along with Japanese yokocho culture. Comparing with traditional Japanese Izakaya, it is composed of nine individual shops, and offers a wider variety of food. You can either stand by the food counter and watch the chef cook while eating, or take a seat in the common area and enjoy the relaxing environment. It is so convenient that you can try different kinds of food and drinks at the same time, so it is highly recommended for greedy drinkers who would love to enjoy various things overnight.

Shiroganekidori (白金気鶏)

This shop features yakitori, known as Japanese grilled skewered chicken. You can order “Yakitori combo” of ¥ 630 and try three parts of chicken: liver, neck meat, thigh. Expect a collection of rich and diverse flavors of authentic Japanese style skewered chicken.


CHOP SHOP features freshly grilled lamb chops (¥ 480) and chopped ceviche (marinated seafood) (¥ 500). Side dishes, such as tapas and salads, are also colorful and tasty. As for drinks, there is a wide range to choose from boubon soda, beer, wine, etc. The staff are always helpful and friendly to help you choose the drink that matches your order.

Farman Teppan Yakiyasai (畑人 焼野菜)

While having too much meat, trying some local grilled vegetables would be a good option for a better diet. Sent directly from Inzai-shi, Chiba prefecture, organic and specially cultivated vegetables would be good supplements to your meal.

Gyoza! 365

Enjoy gyoza (dumpling) with its perfect match, beer, especially craft beer carefully selected from domestic brewers. “Classic GYOZA!” (¥ 360) and “Beef & Pepper GYOZA!” (¥ 560) are popular dishes, with toppings of fresh coriander or special gorgonzola sauce.

Editor’s fav Rurubu Kitchen (Editor’s fav るるぶキッチン)

With the theme of “Japanese wine and local food ingredients,” they aim to create a shop that provides regional products. In addition to regular menus of ingredients ordered from all over Japan, they also have menus of seasonal ingredients for certain areas.

GSC/Good Spice Curry

Try the authentic Indian curry while having a nice conversation with chefs from India. Recommended dish is “Chicken 65” (¥ 580) baked with spices. The chicken taste and flavory spices are perfectly mixed together, and will improve your appetite. “Spicy chicken curry” (¥ 680) is also well welcomed by curry lovers.

Good Spice Curry
Good Spice Curry

Pier 69

This is a shop of homemade smoked food and whiskey. A must-try dish is their smoked quail (each skewer with three quails, three skewers for ¥420).

Tregion (トレジオン)

Tregion is a sake bar mainly provides raw seafood and alcohol of Tohoku area. Seasonal urchin (¥ 780) from Otaka Bay of Miyagi prefecture is highly recommended. Other popular dishes include “grilled mackerel” (¥ 880), “scallop sashimi” (¥ 580), and “broiled mackerel” (¥ 880).


In the innermost area is the speciality shop of sparkling wine and mussels, Gracia. To maximum the taste of “Mussel with sauce” (¥ 490), you can choose from five kinds of sauces, such as spicy tomtato, basil, blue cheese, Japanese style, and ethnic. Among all the sauces, spicy tomato is the most popular one.

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