The goal of my trip was this: Hundreds of mini kamakuras (snow huts) along the river. (Photo: Victoria Simkovic)

A Beautiful Winter Festival

Hundreds of tiny igloos in Yunishigawa Onsen

Victoria Simkovic   - 1 min read

At the end of this winter, literally on the 28th of February, I visited Yunishigawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture, where around this time of the year you can become a witness of a winter fairy tale, the Kamakura Festival. Hundreds of small igloos are lit up along the river, creating a magical scenery. If just looking at the scenery is not enough for you, rent a BBQ set and enjoy some yummy food in one of the big igloos a few meters away from the river. After taking enough pictures and filling yourself up with meat, go to one of the local Japanese Inns and soak in their hot springs. What else can you ask for?

Victoria Simkovic

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