Maiko Walking in Hanami-koji Street, Kyoto, Japan (Photo: Nick Arcivos)

A Journey Between Tradition and Modernity

Discover Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo

Maiko Walking in Hanami-koji Street, Kyoto, Japan (Photo: Nick Arcivos)
Nick Arcivos   - 3 min read

Embark on a journey to discover all the wonders offered by Japan through its architecture and culture.

It begins in Kyoto, a fabulous city which has retained much of its traditional appearance with its numerous temples. From the Kiyomizu Dera temple, popular for its massive pillars and its gorgeous view of the city, to the famous Golden Pavilion of Kinkakuji, through the peaceful scenery of the Ginkaku-ji temple with its beautiful gardens.

The Geishas in Gion district are also a true Japanese symbol and considerably add to the atmosphere so special that reigns in Kyoto.

Nanzen-ji is a must-see in Kyoto, it is a relaxing place surrounded by impressive bamboo where you can admire the cherry blossoms and glimpse Koi fishes in beautiful ponds.

After a 45 minute train trip, the journey continues in Nara, where you are greeted by Sika deers roaming the city freely. Todai-ji is one of Japan's most famous temple and a landmark of Nara. It houses one of the largest bronze statue of the Buddha (Daibutsu). A popular attraction is a pillar with a hole in its base the same size as Daibutsu's nostril. It is said that those who can pass through it will be granted enlightenment in their next life.

Back to Kyoto station and its extraordinary architecture, take a trip to Tokyo aboard the famous Shinkansen bullet train.

The atmosphere over there is completely different but also fascinating. The famous Shibuya crosswalk is a must-see to fully understand Tokyo spirit and dimension. Watching the flow of people make you realize that you are in one of the busiest place on earth.

Drifting down the Sumida river allow to get beautiful sights of the city. At the end of the boat cruise, you can admire the Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi Flame designed by Philippe Starck. Cat Cafe is a typical place in Japan, to enjoy the cats' soothing power. Here you can spend time reading, having a coffee or finding a moment of peace surrounded by adorable animals.

Ueno Park allow you to escape the busy megalopolis and let you recharge your batteries. This is the perfect place for Japanese to relax after a tiring week.

Ending the journey in a famous Sushi restaurant to appreciate Japanese exquisite gastronomy and finally walk around the capital to get fabulous views of the Tokyo Tower.

This journey shows the harmony of coexistence between tradition and modernity and although Japan is well-known for its technological advancement, it has retained much of its traditional aspects and values. This is a fabulous country that everybody should discover at least once in their life. However, if you come again a second time, you will definitely see things that you wouldn't have seen the first time.

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