The hotel can be seen from the station (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)

Hotel Pearl City Kurosaki

Choice suburban Kitakyushu hotel

The hotel can be seen from the station (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)
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Located in the suburbs of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, Hotel Pearl City offers a quieter, less crowded location than downtown that’s especially convenient for visiting popular attractions such as Space World and Mt. Sarakura. Space World is Kyushu’s largest amusement park, with a real size replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery. At Mt. Sarakura, known for its beautiful views, you can take a cable car with a 360-degree panorama to the top. The hotel is just a 15-minute train ride from Kokura Station and all of the excitement of the city center, including shopping and entertainment at the Riverwalk and historical sites such as Kokura Castle and the spectacular Kokura Castle Japanese Garden, where you can see traditional Japanese Shion-style architecture. Being on the west side of Kitakyushu and right next to the Kagoshima Line, Fukuoka City's Hakata and Tenjin areas are also easily accessible. In the immediate vicinity, the hotel recommends Kazuga Shrine and Momozono Park.

It is very easy to locate the hotel and it only takes two minutes to walk there from Kurosaki Station. In fact, you can see the hotel once you exit the train station.

The lobby has use of computers with Internet and all public areas have free Wi-Fi access. Other facilities and services available at the hotel include a banquet hall, massage room, and laundry room. The banquet hall can be rented out for parties and can fit up to 80 people. In the massage room, there are three massage chairs that are free to use for anyone staying at the hotel. The laundry machines are coin-operated and accessible at any time.

The hotel staff is really nice and they gave me suggestions for places to visit in Kitakyushu. I had a Japanese style breakfast at the hotel and I enjoyed having a conversation with the waitress. The food tasted great and the portion was just enough to feel full but not overly stuffed.

Rooms are clean, stylish, and modern. As for reservation options, you can choose from seven different kinds of smoking or non-smoking rooms. The one I stayed in was the single room, which is for one person. Other options include a deluxe single room, an economy twin room, a regular twin room with two queen-sized beds, a double room with one king-sized bed, a triple room with three queen-sized beds or a quadruple room with four queen-sized bed. As for meals, you can choose either a breakfast plan or no-meal plan. If you stay in the single room for one night, the no-meal plan is usually 3,400 yen, the breakfast plan is 4,100 yen—an excellent value compared to other hotels in the area.

Relatively inexpensive for the quality of stay and convenient, Hotel Pearl City is a prime choice for your visit to Kitakyushu.

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