Kokura was a castle town that functioned as the starting point to reach many areas in Kyushu. (Photo: Perri Silverstein)

Kokura Castle

Exploring the castle grounds

Perri Silverstein   - 1 min read

The pinnacle of Kitakyushu sightseeing is without a doubt Kokura Castle, which today serves as a museum of sorts. Before entering the imposing castle, meander amongst the shrines, torii (traditional Japanese gates) and greenery in the castle park. Make a wish and ring the bells at Tsukimi Tei or pick up an o-mikuji (fortunes written on strips of paper) if you are feeling superstitious. The stark contradiction of the Riverwalk Kitakyushu mall and its angular shapes set against the traditional Japanese sites is perfectly suited for this “land of contrasts.”

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