Night view from the top of Mt. Sarakura (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)

Mt. Sarakura

Mountain with great night views of Kitakyushu

Eitetsu Terakado   - 1 min read

If you’re looking for a mountain to climb or a romantic spot in Kitakyushu, I recommend visiting Mt. Sarakura. Near JR Hachiman Station, the wisteria gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en, and Hotel Pearl City Kurosaki, the 622 m (2040 ft.) peak is said to have one of the best night views of the city. You can take the cable car that runs until 10 pm on weekends. From the top, you can get beautiful views of the city with the glowing lights of the buildings and factories.

Eitetsu Terakado

Eitetsu Terakado @eitetsu.terakado

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