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Insects Paradise Digital Art Forest

Explore creepy crawlies in a truly unique way

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Kanayama Minami Building When : Jul 9th - Aug 28th 2022, 9:30am - 5:00pm

Summertime tends to bring an onslaught of insects, from the chirping of cicadas through to the buzzing of mosquitos. If you'd like a less invasive way to experience the wonder of these creatures, the Insects Paradise Digital Art Forest event coming to Nagoya presents a unique chance to appreciate them via some stunning projection mapping.

The event is the work of digital communication company Hitohata, and is designed to make insects like butterflies and dragonflies look like shimmering jewels in the night sky.

At the venue there will also be other insect-themed activities, including the ability to touch living beetles – but if that's not for you, you can absolutely bypass it.

On the day tickets to the event are priced at ¥1800 for adults and ¥900 for children, but advance tickets can be arranged up until July 9th at a small discount. Details on where to purchase tickets can be found on the official event website.

Getting there

The Kanayama Minami Building is located just three minutes on foot from Kanayama Station, which is served by the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line. For those who opt to drive, parking is available at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court Nagoya.


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