What lies beyond these ancient screens (Photo: Bonson Lam)

The Secret Garden of Koya San

One of Japan's most iconic mountain retreats

Bonson Lam   - 1 min read

Mount Koya or Koya san is one of the most revered mountain retreats in Japan. If you are here on a weekday, you can stroll the quiet temple gardens or the mature grand forests and enjoy the solitude all to yourself. This is a good summer retreat as it is a few degrees cooler than the heat from Osaka. You can come here on a day trip or stay overnight at the rustic temple accommodation.

Bonson Lam

Bonson Lam @bonson.lam

I knew my future was destined to be with Japan the moment I flew from Sydney to experience the atmospheric laneways of Kyoto last century.  I am humbled to have met many distinguished people during this time, especially the national living treasures of Japan, such as the doll maker to the Imperia...