The path leading to Reihokan Museum becomes much more attractive (Photo: Kenny King Hin Choi)

Red Leaves on Koya-san

Amazing mountain foliage in October

Kenny King Hin Choi   - 1 min read

Watching red leaves in autumn is the top priority for almost all tourists to Japan. In late October, the coastal cities are still quite warm, and leaves are still green as usual. But higher on the mountains with lower temperature, they are gradually changing their hue. Koya-san in Wakayama prefecture is around 800 to 1000 meters above sea level. Most foliage has already turned red and yellow; while some others are just starting to put on new colors. This creates terrific scenes as you stroll in the many pleasant gardens. As temples, shrines and traditional houses spread out on the mountain, the colorful foliage matches, or sometimes contrasts, with their bright red or dark brown colors. The color of nature and human culture comes together to create breathtaking scenes on the mountains.

Kenny King Hin Choi

Kenny King Hin Choi @kenny.king.hin.choi

I had spend almost the last 10 years traveling to different corners of the world seldom reached by others as tourists. Iraq, Kosovo, Albania, Bangladesh and Ukraine are among many others. To see and smell a place first handedly is absoulutely differnt from reading and hearing from mass media. Jap...