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Yakushiike Plum Festival 2025

Approximately 250 plum trees blooming in red and white

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Venue : Yakushi-ike Park When : Late Feb - Mid Mar 2025

Tokyo has a myriad of beautiful plum blossom destinations to explore, and Machida's Shikisai no Mori Yakushiike Park is just one of them. The park grounds are home to around 250 trees that bloom in shades of red and white, creating a truly stunning welcome to the spring season.

When the trees are looking their best a festival takes place on the park grounds, and this typically happens around the late February through mid-March timeframe. Along with the bounty of natural beauty to enjoy, the event will also include local performing arts displays and various food trucks selling seasonal eats and drinks.

Photo: Machida City Hall

There is no admission fee to enjoy the atmosphere of the event, but do bring yen if you plan on purchasing food or beverages.

Getting there

Shikisai no Mori Yakushiike Park can be accessed in under 10 minutes by taxi from Tamagawagakuen-mae Station, which is served by the Odakyu Line.

More info

Find out more about Yakushi-ike Park.


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