The display changes to 'trees of wind chimes' on the floors above. (Photo: Hoyee Tse)

Windchime Festival in Tokyo Midtown

Summer breeze in the city

Hoyee Tse   - 1 min read

Tokyo can get sizzling hot in the summer, so if you can't go to the beach, this summer special exhibition in Galleria of Tokyo Midtown is the right place to chill out. Wind chimes in Japan are reminders of the sea breeze cooling the coasts in summer. These little bells, more than decorations, present a series of skills in traditional Japanese handcrafting. The collection includes wind chimes made by artisans from all over the country. Each piece reflects not only of the maker's skills but the characteristics of their prefectures. It is the rhythms of the artisan's origins which create the sounds of wind chimes. While this is occasional exhibition has ended, keep an eye on the Galleria for other exhibitions and events throughout the year.

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