Fujifilm Square Entrace (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)

Fujifilm Square

Camera heritage in the middle of Tokyo

Fujifilm Square Entrace (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)
Eitetsu Terakado   - 3 min read

As a photojournalist, the camera is my partner to capture the most important moments. However, it doesn’t take a photojournalist to like cameras or taking photos. If you have an interest in cameras, photography, or both, Fujifilm Square is a place you’ll fall in love with.

The location is convenient for tourists too, being only an easy 5 minutes from Roppongi Station. It's also part of Tokyo Midtown and so surrounded by other attractions like 21_21 Design Sight, the Suntory Museum of Art, the National Art Center, the Mori Art Museum, and Hinokicho Park.

Fujifilm Square has four sections. The first is the Fujifilm Photo Salon, a gallery of beautiful scenic photos of Japan and abroad taken by Fujifilm cameras. The exhibition changes weekly and features selected photographic works by both professional and amateur photographers.

The second section is the Photo History Museum which displays all of the Fujifilm cameras ever made. There is also a general history of photography with displays of cameras dating back to the 1860s. You can see how the shape and the functions of cameras have changed throughout the years. This area also features films that have disappeared recently due to digital cameras and lenses for cameras with interchangeable lenses.

The third section is Touch Fujifilm where you can operate the latest Fujifilm cameras. The cameras here aren't for sale but you can experience them hands-on and see if the design, operability, and functionality are right for you. Past and current commercials advertising Fujifilm products aired on Japanese television are also on view.

The final section is the Fujifilm Health Care Shop. It’s semi-related to photography in that Fujifilm’s research on collagen, used in making film, has also led to a healthcare line. Here, they offer skincare products and health supplements, including the popular Astalift, which you can try.

The best part of Fujifilm Square is that all the areas are free to enter. It’s not crowded during weekdays so you don’t have to rush through any of the exhibitions. Photos aren't permitted, though, so do make sure you take your time.

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