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Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2024

A more vivid holiday experience

Caleb Cello   - 3 min read
Venue : Tokyo Midtown When : Mid Nov - Late Dec 2024

Christmas has always been a festive and intimate affair for most of us. When it comes to celebrating the winter holidays, Japan is just as high-spirited and creative as other countries, or maybe even more, with its technological flair. Case in point: Tokyo Midtown Lights ceremoniously unravel in champagne colors, which gives the appearance of luxury, romance, and warmth. The theme for this year is "vivid" and the organizers impressively deliver with the magical glow that visitors find themselves in the different parts of the venue.

Your trip to a Christmas experience like no other starts with the Midtown Garden area, which includes a 3m-tall snow globe with falling snow, twinkling aurora illuminations, and a large tree with colorful baubles. Speaking of trees, the Tokyo Midtown Roppongi is also lined with Christmas trees. An ice skating rink with flamboyant lights will also be open to the public so you might want to start looking for your old trusty figure skates or rent a pair at the rink.

The lighting show at the plaza illuminates different effects, which is sure to appeal to all onlookers regardless of age. The four seasons of Japan are perfectly captured in the visual presentation of snow globes, with a new addition—which is the shabon ball. Until December 12th, these soap bubbles that float like snow will be available for a limited time, so you might want to come in earlier and see the story transition from a peaceful world of silver with deep snow to a show of great excitement.

In previous iterations, people crowded around the mystery Christmas tree that holds gifts. From now on, it has a rather clever touch to it because the present box that counts down to Christmas will change colors from the first day of December, and a colorful Christmas tree will be completed on Christmas Day. There’s also the color jungle which is true to its name as this section is bursting with vividness, looking like a flower field or a carnival, and inspiring joy.

And finally, standing at a height of 4m, the Santa tree is adorned with an astonishing number of 1,800 Santa Claus ornaments. You could spend a good amount of time spotting your favorite Santa at the Galleria 1F Tree Shower area.

No matter which area you decide to visit first, you'll soon find your heart filled to the brim with the holiday spirit.

Getting there

Enjoy direct access from Roppongi Station, exit 8.

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