There are many long escalators for getting up and down the station.

Sumiyoshi Tokyo Metro Station

A small metro station on the practical Hanzomon line

There are many long escalators for getting up and down the station.
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Sumiyoshi station on the Hanzomon line is a long series of stairs and tunnels that ends up deep under ground. It's located in Koto, Tokyo and is near Sumiyoshi Park, a popular spot for cherry blossoms. With four floors and a simple vertical and linear layout it's easy to find your way around and the signs are suitably complete, both in English and Japanese. The rush of trains creates a wind that flows through the station and makes it nice and cool.

The top floor, B1F is an empty hall with toilets and a station attendant. The next floor down has the ticket gates, some leading into the Toei Shinjuku Line (S13) and some leading downstairs into the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line (Z12). Here you'll also find more toilets, coin lockers, a public phone and (get ready to be excited) this is where the free Wi-Fi coverage starts. The third floor down is the platform that services trains heading towards Shibuya, and the fourth floor down is the platform that leads to Oshiage (Skytree). Take note that the B3F and the B4F only have a single platform, each servicing a different direction of travel along the Hanzomon line, and both have Wi-Fi coverage.

The amenities provided include lifts, toilets, drinking fountains and vending machines. Beyond that the space is simple and stark, a long tiled cave that glows under fluorescent lamps. The décor is largely purple - a theme of the Hanzomon line – but also has green and red feature walls and some cool patterns here and there. There are stairs and elevators that let you move between the different platforms, and the platforms are arranged vertically so as to conserve horizontal space. There is of course wheelchair access throughout.

The station is not a place most people linger. The utilitarian design gives it a simple ambience that encourages you to move from the train to your next destination. In standing for a while you will see plenty of people tumbling out of trains and up the stairs, heading out the gates. This station is particularly simple – it's nowhere near as complex as Shinjuku or the bigger stations and you won't get lost here. To get out just go up.

Sumiyoshi is station Z12 on the Hanzomon Line, the purple line that goes from south west to north east. It's a useful line, passing through Shibuya, Otemachi and plenty of other sizeable stations to transfer at. It starts at Shibuya (Z01) and ends at Oshiage (Skytree) (Z14). Skytree is a cool new spot to visit if you want to check out the second tallest structure in the world at 634 meters high, and it's only two short stops away from Sumiyoshi.

The Tokyo Metro Sumiyoshi station connects with the Toei Sumiyoshi station on the Shinjuku line, the light green line that stretches from west to east. Note that Toei lines are not owned by Tokyo Metro and are therefore not valid lines for some special Tokyo Metro tickets. Check with the station attendants for more information if you're unsure, but the best place to get information is from the information desks in Ginza, Shinjuku and Omotesando stations (open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

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