Silhouettes (Photo: P.B.)

Sailor Moon at Mori Art Museum

Report on the Spring 2016 Sailor Moon Event

Silhouettes (Photo: P.B.)
Katie Jackson   - 5 min read

In 1991, Naoko Takeuchi and Nakayoshi first introduced the world to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the world fell in love. Now twenty-five years later, fans can travel to Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills and immerse themselves in the magical world of the Pretty Guardians, checking out original art work, goods, and other multimedia items both vintage and new. It is a must-see for any fan.

The exhibition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is located in Roppongi Hills, on the 52nd floor of Mori Art Museum. The entrance is accessible just past the sculpture of Maman, next to the movie theater. Before heading to the museum, there are some things that I recommend doing. First and foremost, if you have the Japanese language skills, or if you can find a friendly clerk, try to purchase your ticket in advance at a Lawson’s convenience store. The price is the same, but if you purchase your ticket from the convenience store, you will receive a commemorative entrance ticket, printed with your choice of one of the "inner Senshi", as opposed to the general admission ticket.

Once you get to the ticket table, there are a few more things to check out on the left side of the room. If you are a member of the Pretty Guardian official fan club, there is a desk in the ticket room where, if you show your fan club card or your fan club profile on the webpage, you will receive a free postcard from the event. Finally, just before the ticket check and elevator entrance, to the left and through the umbrella room, is the Roppongi Hills Art & Design shop, which carries various Sailor Moon goods. While event exclusive goods are on the 52nd floor of the museum, if you are missing any of the current goods, this is an excellent place to stock up. I happened to have found a pen that was missing from my collection and had been sold out online for a while. Keep in mind that if you go late in the evening as the last entry of the day, by the time you return downstairs the Art & Design shop will be closed.

The museum itself is composed of seven rooms, a gift shop and the café. Photos are only allowed in certain locations in the museum, the entrance hall and overlook area, and at the statues in the Sailor Moon Escalation room. The entrance area, which overlooks the Azabu-Juban neighborhood and Tokyo Tower, has many things to see and photograph. The center of the area contains a large display where you can take a for-purchase photo from the Mori Art Tower staff. Surrounding the display are screens playing anime clips and video game demos while the walls of the room are adorned with giant prints of newer watercolor art. After passing by the story flow of each arc of the manga, you enter the mini movie room. Only lasting about two minutes, this mini movie is composed of art from the original manga accompanied by voice overs. The rest of the museum takes you through the history of the series, featuring storyboards of the anime, rare vintage goods, and items from the live action TV series and the musicals.

The highlight of the exhibition are the original watercolors drawn and painted by Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon. There are about 30 originals on display, including two new paintings created exclusively for the event. In order to protect the preservation of the original drawings and watercolors, all of Naoko Takeuchi’s work will be divided and displayed at different dates throughout the duration of the event. Phase I is from April 16th to May 8th, Phase II from May 9th to May 29th, and Phase III from May 30th to June 19th. This promises to give fans that plan to visit the exhibition more than once a slightly different experience every time. The website is currently up to date with a list of the pieces that are currently on display, but if you are hoping to see a particular piece it comes down to the luck of the draw as there is currently no announced schedule for future pieces.

After all the exhibits are finished, your next stop is the gift shop. It boasts over 100 different items, including some collaboration pieces from various past events and event exclusive items. Some things have a purchase limit as they are in limited quantity or only available for a short time. Pictures and pricing for the items can be found on the event web page.

Finally, as the exhibition circles around back towards the entrance, you encounter the café. You can choose from a themed menu of burgers, pasta, curry, puddings, parfaits, or mousse. One of the current Sailor Moon brand collaborations is with Chocora BB, so the café also has specialty cocktails, both alcoholic and virgin, that come with a free coaster that you can take home as another unique souvenir. For the additional price of ¥10,692, you can partake in the Special Dinner “Moon Course” which is a 3 course meal accompanied by an artisan cocktail and special dessert. Reservations are required, and while the cocktail and desserts are featured on the webpage, the contents of the menu for this exclusive dinner remain a surprise.

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