Midtown Tower and part of the city skyline as seen from Tokyo Tower (Photo: Chris73 / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Roppongi's Midtown Tower

Japan's 6th tallest skyscraper is a truly multi-purpose venue

Midtown Tower and part of the city skyline as seen from Tokyo Tower (Photo: Chris73 / CC BY-SA 3.0)
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The Tokyo Midtown complex is a retail, commercial, and entertainment hub in the Roppongi area, and it's home to a variety of different facilities. You'll find retail stores and restaurants, museums and medical centers, and even some parks and green spaces thrown in for good measure. The tallest building at the complex is Midtown Tower, and it was opened back in early 2007.

Standing at just a touch over 248 meters, the 54-story tower is Japan's sixth tallest skyscraper, and it's predominantly comprised of office buildings. Cisco Systems, Nike, and Sony Music Entertainment are just three of the multinational companies who base their operations from here, but the largest amount of floorspace is taken up by the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. The hotel uses the phrase "elevating luxury to new heights" in their marketing, and since they use the 45th to 53rd floors of the tower that seems to be quite an appropriate slogan.

The lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
The lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (Photo: Wpcpey / CC BY-SA 4.0)

A place worth checking out for art and design aficionados is the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, which is situated on the 5th floor. The venue is home to a variety of exhibitions throughout the year which are intended to provide opportunities for interaction through design. There are also design-related seminars and workshops, including ones targeted at children to inspire the next generation of artists and creators.

Unfortunately, Midtown Tower doesn't have an observation deck like many other towers in Japan do. The very top floor is the facility maintenance area, and the general public are unable to enter it.

Getting there

Roppongi's Midtown Tower is located just three minutes on foot from Roppongi Station, which is served by the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and the Toei Oedo Line.

For those who opt to drive, parking is available at the Tokyo Midtown complex - it's charged at 300JPY per 30 minute increment.


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