Front view of the prayer room. The intercom is located on the right side of the entrance door. (Photo: Novriana Dewi)

Prayer Room at Takashimaya Shinjuku

A prayer room inside this Shinjuku shopping center

Front view of the prayer room. The intercom is located on the right side of the entrance door. (Photo: Novriana Dewi)
Novriana Dewi   - 3 min read

Japan, and especially the 2020 Olympic host city of Tokyo, is putting increasingly greater efforts into promoting Muslim-friendly services to attract more tourists from Muslim-majority countries.

This can be seen from the growing number of Halal restaurants, the new Halal-certified omiyage (souvenir) types such as mochi and senbei, Halal promotional events or seminars being held, as well as the establishment of better prayer facilities in several public spaces.

One of the prayer facilities is located in Takashimaya Shopping Center in Shinjuku, which everyone can use regardless of their religion.

Shinjuku itself is one of the most busiest areas in central Tokyo, with its myriad skyscrapers, shopping centers, as well as one big national park—Shinjuku Gyoen—visited by both foreign and domestic tourists alike. Shinjuku station is also one of the most significant connection points in Tokyo's transportation system, serving more than 10 lines across multiple railway companies.

With this prayer facility located close to Shinjuku station, people do not need to worry anymore about the hassle of finding a space to pray and they can enjoy sightseeing, or even shopping, more conveniently.

This prayer room provides one room with a partition separating the space for men and women. A special area for ablution (wudhu) is also available here.

When I visited this facility, there were no veils for women like those provided in Kansai International Airport. So it is suggested that the visitors bring their own equipment for the prayer.

To use this facility, you need to inform the staff first by calling through the intercom on the right side of the entrance door. They will then open the door automatically for you.

This prayer room facility is located on the 11th floor of Takashimaya building, not that far from the elevator as shown in the floor guide map. You just need to find the room sign (祈祷室: kitoushitsu), which means "prayer room".

The nearest access from JR Shinjuku station is the Shin-Minamiguchi, or “New South Exit”.

Japan is really becoming more friendly for Muslim visitors recently. So, why not plan your holiday to Japan soon?

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