Kitamura Camera has an impressive storefront (Photo: Peter Lin)

Kitamura Camera in Shinjuku

A beautifully designed camera store for photography enthusiasts

Peter Lin   - 2 min read

Kitamura Camera is a camera enthusiast store in Shinjuku. Kitamura Camera is a well-known chain of camera stores that started in the 1930's and has other shops scattered around Tokyo and Japan, but the Shinjuku store is their largest and also considered the flagship.  The flagship store opened in 2020.  Stepping into the store feels like walking into a museum dedicated to everything camera.  New, vintage and rare camera gear are all available.  Lenses and cameras are well organized and beautifully displayed in glass cases and resemble antiquities in a natural history museum.  The design of the store is quite unusual compared to other chain camera stores in Tokyo, and the overall feeling is quite refined and special.

The store is divided into seven floors. On the first floor, there are digital and film printing services available as well as camera accessories. Film can also be bought on this floor. On the second floor, new cameras and lenses are available.  The Junk Camera floor on the third floor houses unique and cheaper cameras (thus dubbed "junk") which may need refurbishing. Used specialty cameras and lenses are available on the fourth floor, and the prices are on the higher side which match the rarity of the gear. Repairs and maintenance are on the fifth floor. There is also a floor with Leica and other rare cameras on floor 6.  On the top floor, there is a photo studio for trying out newly purchased gear.  The store offers something for everyone interested in cameras and photography, and the staff are helpful and very knowledgable.  

Kitamura Camera is open daily from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. at night. Exit on the East side of Shinjuku Station and it is within walking distance from Isetan Shinjuku as well as the Shinjuku cat LED display.

Getting there

Kitamura Camera is in Shinjuku. It is easiest to go to JR Shinjuku Station and exit at B8. The Isetan Shinjuku Department Store is nearby.

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