Idée Café Parc, which is located in the back of the Idée, is not be missed!  (Photo: Logan Williamson)

Idée Shop and Cafe

Interior design store and connecting cafe in Midtown

Idée Café Parc, which is located in the back of the Idée, is not be missed!  (Photo: Logan Williamson)
Logan Williamson   - 2 min read

While Tokyo Midtown is a must see for anyone new to the area who is looking for a bit of luxury, there are a few hidden gems that are worth checking out. My favorite has to be Idée Shop and the Idée Café Parc, a cute cafe connected to the back of this interior design store.

It is easy to get lost in the seemingly endless stores and restaurants inside the Galleria at Tokyo Midtown. There are five floors of shops ranging from upscale clothing stores to retailers selling unique and quirky trinkets with an authentic Japanese flare. While most stores are on the pricey side, just walking around and window shopping proved to be a wonderful and relaxing afternoon.

The best part of the day was stumbling upon Idée Shop on the third floor. I was instantly drawn into the store due to its impressive initial window display which showcases gorgeous furniture and knickknacks arranged in a fresh and bright way. Once inside the store you can find everything from little succulents to interesting watches, and colorful bags to funky couches. The designs of Idée's products range from chic and simple to whimsical and fun. This is a store that is not for those on a tight budget, but wandering around and checking out all they have to offer is just as fun and entertaining.

While it is definitely worth a visit for the store itself, if interior design isn’t your thing, never fear! Idée Café​ Parc itself is located in the back of the shop. This charming little cafe offers snacks, coffee, tea, and even a small but still impressive selection of alcoholic beverages. The staff spoke little English, but I had no problems when it came to ordering my coffee. While seating inside the cafe/store is quite limited, the patio offers not only more space, but also incredible views of the beautiful architecture and design of Tokyo Midtown. The seating outside is also divided between smoking and non smoking. I highly recommend grabbing a coffee and heading out to the terrace for an easy and tranquil break from all that shopping and exploring.

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