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Eat Street at Omoide Yokocho

Ready for a food hopping tour?

Jeremy Yap   - 2 min read

Its just small street to the side of a busy road. If you´re not careful, you might just miss it. Omoide Yokocho or Memory Lane is located off the busy streets of Shinjuku and in it, rows of vendors selling ramen, rice dons and yakitori joints. Its all the Japanese food you can get your hands on in a 100 meter long lane way. The lane itself is tiny and you can really feel the squeeze here. But it also enhances the senses upon breathing in the smoke from barbecued food to the fresh nectar of Miso from the numerous ramen stores around. Food here is affordable to say the very least, priced at 500 Yen and above, you can even do a food hopping tour by jumping from stall to stall and trying out the different delicacies available. Best of all, it wouldn´t burst your budget. One word of caution, do not use the public toilet in the lane if you´re a female, unless you´re comfortable walking pass three stationary urinals (which might be occupied) to reach the cubicles that you need. I would suggest heading up to McDonalds at the opposite side of the street to use the toilet instead.

Jeremy Yap

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