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Airs Burger

Gourmet burgers arrive in Monzen-nakacho

Photo: Tom Roseveare
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Originally started in 2008, Airs Burger (エアーズバーガー) is a fabled gourmet burger shop new to Monzen-nakacho, Tokyo, since its relocation in February 2016. From humble beginnings at its small but successful Sasazuka station joint before becoming one of Lazona Kawasaki Plaza's most profitable food court vendors 2011–2015, its new downtown Fukagawa/Monzen-nakacho location in Koto ward allows the brand to explore new ground whilst reaching a new Tokyo audience.

Thanks to the prowess of shop owner Norifumi Oshikawa and his 7 years' experience with Mexican cuisine combined with his acute understanding of Tokyo's gourmet burger scene, all the hamburgers here at Airs Burger are original hand-crafted creations prepared perfectly to order each time.

The patties use a combination of Japanese Kuroge wagyu beef and high quality Australian beef, leading to a tender, juicy and ultimately delicious patty that is 100% beef. Jointly developed with Tameike-Sanno's Nagano Bakery, Airs Burger's original brioche-style buns help cradle the patties and offer an authentic texture too, whilst being healthy to eat and free from preservatives or additives.

Topped off with an original barbecue-style, hamburger sauce inspired by the flavours and spices of Oshikawa-san's beloved Mexican cooking, Airs Burger hamburgers offer a guaranteed memorable dining experience. Skillfully hand-prepared, each towering, freshly-made hamburger is served on a stylish water drop-shaped plate alongside your choice of side dishes.

The burgers available here join an updated menu featuring new options not previously available at their Lazona food court location. Choose from a wide range of hamburgers including the Airs Burger (¥1,100) with original barbecue sauce, the Classic Burger (¥980) served alongside ketchup and mustard, or the Otona no Teriyaki Burger (¥1,100) coupled with a fruity sauce with ginger, as well as a unique range of more Mexican-inspired offerings combining fresh salsa or chili beans. If you're looking for an extra kick, the Airs Hot Burger (¥1,200) will pack a punch with its spicy Mexican chipotle sauce。

Taking care of the overall balance of the food, Airs Burger are proud to offer hamburgers their customers can enjoy with confidence, and has garnered rave reviews in some of Kanto's biggest publications, including Hanako, Tokyo Walker, Safari and 'The Best of Hamburger' guide, while also making it into Tabelog's 'Tokyo Best Selection' list for 2009 and 2010.

Getting there

Just 6 minutes walk from Monzen-nakacho station (Exit 6) or 7 minutes walk from Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station (Exit A3), Airs Burger is located one block south of the river in the Fukagawa area of Tokyo's Koto ward. Koto ward is bounded by the Sumida river and Arakawa river in eastern Tokyo, with Airs Burger also offering a delivery service to those living in the local area.

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