Woah! (Photo: Elena Lisina)

At the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Families enjoying the sea animals

Elena Lisina   - 1 min read


Timed tickets are required for entry currently in order to limit the number of guests per hour.

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I enjoy aquariums a lot and visit as many as possible if I have the chance. I thought that taking photos was difficult because there were always many people who came close and watched animals and fish. But, then I had an idea! I decided to take photos of the funny scenes around the aquarium, such as the reactions of people. As a result, I took such photos in Osaka Aquarium and now they’re my favorite photos of all of my visits to aquariums!

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Elena Lisina

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I am interested in Japanese art, crafts, history and Shinto religion. Photography is my hobby, and there are many amazing places to capture in Japan.