Bic Camera Electronic Superstore in Okayama (Photo: Junichi Okazaki)

Okayama Bic Camera Electronic Store

Okayama's largest electronic store in the city center

Bic Camera Electronic Superstore in Okayama (Photo: Junichi Okazaki)
Junichi Okazaki   - 3 min read

The Bic Camera Electronic Department Store came to Okayama in 2007 and it was a bit of a surprise for me since big department stores from Tokyo hardly ever come here. When I was living in Tokyo a few years ago I could get whatever I needed whenever but when I moved back home to Okayama I was glad to have this store here. There are many reasons why I want to recommend Bic Camera out of all the other home electric shops in town.

First of all, it is convenient being so close to the station. It is also the biggest electric shop in Okayama. It is connected to the station and Ichibangai Underground Shopping Center underneath Okayama station area. Simply put, you don't have to get wet when you find the need to go electronic shopping. If you decide to come by car there are plenty of parking areas around this area, you won’t have a problem finding a parking spot.

If you are an Apple fan like I am, this is the place you should check-out since they have the best Apple selection in Okayama City. In fact you can pretty much find whatever you need for your Apple device unless you are a picky person. In fact, I consider myself really picky when it comes to Apple products but I can find exactly what I want here in most cases.

I train to work every day, and I just can't resist stopping by since the Apple section is right in front of the entrance to Okayama Train Station, perhaps you sense that I am geeky on technology and you would be right.

Some of you might know this but when Michael Jackson was in Japan he used to love visiting Bic Camera after it’s closed at night. Of course the one he went was in Yuraku-cho Tokyo but I used to go there all the time and I think it is quite similar to Okayama. He really loved to go there to see all the new techie toys and I am sure you will to.

There are some sales clerks who can speak English and you can tell by their name tags or you can just ask at the counter and they should be able to find someone who can help you.

If there is anything you need electronic-wise, just hop on the train and enjoy shopping in Okayama’s Bic Camera!

Junichi Okazaki

Junichi Okazaki @junichi.okazaki