A place to eat and lounge (Photo: Connor Lappin)

Hollywood Sauna & Spa in Okayama

Capsules to Saunas - experiencing Japanese hospitality

A place to eat and lounge (Photo: Connor Lappin)
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Located only within a two-minute walk from Okayama station, Hollywood Sauna & Spa is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of Japanese accommodations. The multi-story hotel, which is ironically set above a pachinko parlor offers guests capsule style accommodation and the opportunity to experience life in a hotel which strictly adheres to the conventions of Japanese society.

The first floor is home to three public baths all set at varying heats and a large sauna. The baths are public, so paying members are permitted access, however staying guests can use them free of charge without any limitations.

Next to the baths is the "getting ready for work station" fully equipped with amenities like razor blades, shaving cream, an eyeglass cleaning machine, hair product, nail clippers and pretty much anything else a Japanese salaryman would need to prepare for a day at work.

In keeping with traditions, guests are required to leave all footwear in the foyer and to wear an orange robe (supplied by the hotel) at all times.

The second floor is divided into a few different communal rooms. The principal room is a television lounge area fitted with comfortable chairs and all daily papers and magazines, while a small napping area exists behind a screen of glass with twelve reclining armchairs.

The other area of the second floor is divided between a traditional Japanese restaurant, business center, smoking room and a massage parlor. All of these amenities are available only to guests, although massages are not included in the room tariff.

The second-floor restaurant sells an array of Japanese style dishes most of which range from between ¥400-¥900. Alcohol is also permitted.

The capsules themselves, situated on the fourth floor are equipped with a television, radio, and a bedside light. As far as capsules go, they are spacious and comfortable and linen is provided. Ear plugs are sold in the reception for those with particularly sensitive ears, or those with the misfortune to be assigned next to a particularly loud sleeper.

High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout all areas of the hotel and luggage storage is provided. However, it should be noted that it is a strictly male-only hotel and all those with tattoos of any kind will be refused entrance and denied a refund.

Nightly accommodations with access to all facilities begins at around ¥2,700.

Hollywood Sauna & Spa is conveniently located about 15 minutes walking from major attractions the Korakuen Gardens and the Okayama Castle.

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