Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport (Photo: Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport)

Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport

Halfway between Kumamoto City and Mt. Aso

Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport (Photo: Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport)
Eitetsu Terakado   - 3 min read

Kumamoto Prefecture is famous for its attractions in Kumamoto City, such as Kumamoto Castle, the Hosokawa Gyoubutei mansion, and Suizenji Garden. But Kumamoto’s premiere attraction is its abundance of natural beauty. Near Kumamoto City lies Aso-Kuju National Park. The crown jewel of the park is Mt. Aso with its active volcano and immense caldera.

Situated halfway between the city and Aso, Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport provides an ideal base of operations for visiting both and getting in and out of the prefecture. Even if you are not traveling by air, the location gives quick rail service to the city and Aso as well as airport buses that will take you directly to other cities, including Fukuoka, Kyushu’s transportation hub. Making day trips to Kumamoto City and Aso will save having to carry all your luggage and souvenirs when changing hotels.

But is the only benefit of staying at Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport the location? Definitely not. I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a reasonably-priced hotel with great service and comforting details. One key point I really like about the hotel is the shower. Even in regular single rooms, the bathrooms are spacious and suite-sized. The showers are arranged in a typically Japanese fashion you would find at a home or a hot spring resort, where the showerhead can be used outside of the tub area. This means you have the option to take a shower on the floor space outside the tub while preparing the bath for a clean, relaxing soak afterwards at the same time.

Another strong plus for this hotel is the breakfast service. The morning buffet has excellent dishes that change daily—even the type of rice. During weekdays, you can also choose one main Western or Japanese dish. The Western option I had was an omelette and ham. The Japanese they serve fish and Japanese style egg.

All rooms come with a TV, refrigerator, and Free wireless Internet (or Wireless Fidelity “WiFi”). You can borrow a humidifier or an iron on request. Also Parking fee is free for staying guest (excluding bus)!

The hotel staff was very accommodating. English was widely spoken and they took the time to tell me about the many wonderful places worth visiting in Kumamoto. Overall, Hotel Vista Kumamoto Airport provides excellent service and accommodation at a fraction of the price you would pay at a comparable downtown hotel.

Eitetsu Terakado

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