The beautiful interior of the hotel room. (Photo: Valerie Kor)

Hotel Grantia ShiretokoShari Ekimae

A hotel right next to JR Shiretoko-Shari station

The beautiful interior of the hotel room. (Photo: Valerie Kor)
Valerie Kor   - 3 min read

Even though Hotel Grantia Shiretoko-Shari Ekimae has a name that is quite a mouthful to pronounce, it is a clear indicator of the hotel’s superb location. The building is difficult to miss, being just right next to the JR Shiretoko Shari station and the tallest building in Shiretoko Shari.

The rooms look new and are very posh. As it is the tallest building in Shiretoko Shari, the views from the room look out over the town and the sea can also be seen. Various toiletries, some hot tea and coffee power, a kettle and a fridge are provided.

The hotel provides internet access for hotel guests: a LAN cable and WiFi are provided in all the rooms. However, the WiFi seems to be the most stable at the lobby.

Hotel Grantia Shiretoko-Shari Ekimae has a natural springs onsen on level 1. Male and female baths are separate. The onsen has natural minerals, which gives it a herbal smell. The minerals in the water of the onsen make the skin smooth and soft! There is also a small roten-buro, or an outdoors bath. Right outside the baths, there is also a relaxation lounge, where massage chairs, a large TV and a tea-dispensing machine is available for you to rehydrate after bathing. Coin laundry is also available.

At the Hanachaya restaurant on level 1, a buffet breakfast is also offered complimentary to hotel guests. The food items were changed daily. Japanese options like rice, miso soup, furikake, and other condiments are available, as well as international options like sausages and omelette.

Shiretoko-shari is not a big town, but it has a wide variety of food choices, whether you are looking for traditional Japanese food or international cuisines. The friendly receptionists will provide you with some recommendations.

Further, the Shiretoko peninsula is now listed as a World Heritage site and draws tons of nature-loving tourists especially in the seasons of spring and summer. There are 8 views of Shiretoko Shari that you won’t want to miss when staying in Shiretoko Shari: Shiteoko Goko Lakes, Kamuiwakka Hot Falls, Frepe Waterfalls, Oshin Koshin Waterfall, Shiretoko Pass, Cape Puyuni, Oronkoiwa Rock and Yuuhidai Point. All these points are accessible by taking the Shari bus, which sets off at the Shari Bus Terminal just beside the hotel. Utoro and Mt Rausu are also available by bus from Shiretoko Shari bus terminal.

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