Gorgeous views and a laid back natural environment typify Shikinejima Island. Accessible via an overnight ferry or a three hour jetfoil trip from Takeshiba Pier, the island is also a quick twenty minute ferry from nearby Niijima Island. Replete with exquisite coastal ocean views, naturally forming hot springs and family-friendly beaches, the island is perfect for short camping trip or a night or two in the local minshuku Japanese-style bed & breakfast rooms available as you cycle around the island.

Tomari Shrine

The largest shrine on the island, Tomari Shrine was established almost twenty years before the great earthquake of 1703. The earthquake saw the shrine abandoned until the late nineteenth century. The shrine then underwent repairs and renovations to its structures, including its kaguraden dance hall.

Eight minutes from Nobushi Port.

Tomari Beach

A fan-shaped inlet in the island's north, Tomari Beach is the perfect family friendly beach. The shallow calm waters are great for children and their clear, turquoise colours make for some exceptional photo opportunities. Never crowded, Tomari Beach is easily the place to relax and enjoy doing nothing.

Five minutes from Nobushi Port.

Jinata Onsen

A hot spring that is refilled over and over by the ocean, Jinata Onsen is completely natural. Its water temperature varies according to conditions - the higher the tide, the cooler the water. Featuring great views and reddish water courtesy of its high iron content, this mixed bathing onsen requires a bathing suit.

Thirty minutes on foot from Nobushi Port or seven minutes by car.

Kambiki Observatory

Listed as one of the top one hundred views of Tokyo, the Kambiki Observatory is located on the island's highest peak. To be found at the end of a solid one hundred-step climb, the views of not only the deep blue ocean but also of Mt. Fuji, Izu Peninsula and the Izu Islands are worth every step.

Thirty minutes from Nobushi Port.