Being located in a countryside area, Engawa cafe is best accesible by car. (Photo: Valerie Kor)

Engawa Cafe

A vintage cafe refashioned from an old Japanese house.

Valerie Kor   - 1 min read

Located in the middle of nature near Mount Yatsugatake, the Engawa Cafe is a rustic cafe overlooking a little garden. Once an old Japanese house, it has now been refashioned to include modern and vintage elements. The old and new blend together to create a rustic, yet fashionably vintage atmosphere. Later, more of such cafes opened in the area, but being the pioneer, the Engawa cafe still maintains its charm against the new competitors. The Caramelised Egg Pudding, made from fresh eggs from the Yamanashi prefecture, is a must-try. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon sipping coffee and watching the resident duck pacing to and fro through the glass window. It is 4 km from Kobuchizawa station and best accessible by car.

Valerie Kor

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