A large mansionette room is great for accomodating big families. (Photo: Valerie Kor)

RISONARE Yatsugatake

A family-centered wine resort in Yamanashi

A large mansionette room is great for accomodating big families. (Photo: Valerie Kor)
Valerie Kor   - 4 min read

I spent 4 days in RISONARE Yatsugatake, a luxurious resort in the Yamanashi prefecture this autumn.

The concrete slabs making up the outer walls of the hotel reminded me very much of Europe. Indeed, the main street, Piment street, is designed to look like an Italian street, lined with cafés, restaurants, handicraft shops, and bakeries. As I visited close to Halloween, the main street was decorated with jack-o-laterns. At night, the purple and orange spotlights lit the street up in a spooky and cute way. No matter day or night, families dressed as witches, pumpkins and wizards get into the Halloween fun in RISONARE Yatsugatake.

Being family-centric, Risonare’s facilities are luxurious and kid-friendly at the same time. First of all, the rooms are significantly larger than what you can get in the city. Families will be delighted to know that the entire family can stay together in large rooms such as the mansionette-style room or the jaccuzzi suites, a luxury that standard hotel rooms elsewhere do not offer.

A hotel stay in RISONARE Ystugatake is not complete without a meal at the YY grill. Guests are entitled to buffet-style breakfast every morning. There is a wide variety of food available, from international choices to local options. The dinner menu includes an appetizer bar, a main grill dish and a dessert. The little appetizers not only taste great, but look colourful and enticing! In autumn, there is pumpkin in most appetizers!. For the main, I ordered grilled salmon, among choices like beef and lamb.

If you are in the mood for intimate fine-dining, the hotel’s Otto Sette restaurant will satisfy your classy palate. Serving delicately constructed pieces with a wide selection of wines, the impeccable service at Otto Sette will leave you and your gut feeling entirely pampered.

One impressive highlight of RISONARE Yatsugatake is the Ilmare jaccuzzi and pool. The pool’s concept is designed to look like a sea shore and at various intervals during the day, it is transformed into a wave pool. Floats of different sizes are available for rental for more fun! There are indoor jaccuzzi pools and an outdoor jaccuzzi. I felt totally relaxed reclining in the indoor jaccuzzi, letting the jets do their magic.

Books & Café is a cozy haunt with bookshelves lined with interesting travel books and merchandise, serving coffee and cakes. Adjacent to it is the Yatsugatake Wine House. Wine-lovers will fall in love with the nifty machines dispensing white or red wines from the regions of Yamanashi. I personally was interested to taste the wine Domaine Mie Ikeno, so I sampled a 350 ml small portion. It was light and tasty.

Also check out the GAO activity center opposite to the Wine House. Seasonal activities for children and adults are available alike! Young ones can ride little striders, older ones can cross obstacle courses in a forest, and adults, can enjoy renting a mountain bike to explore the area outside the Hotel Yatsugatake. Many seasonal outdoor activities like fruit-picking and trekking are also available! Since it was Halloween when I visited, GAO was loaning Halloween costumes for all guests!

End every day at the Moku-moku Yu, or the onsen. The facilities are modern and kids-friendly. The rotenburo, or outdoors bath was just the best! I went there every night during my stay, just to reflect on the happenings of the day while observing the stars and steam rolling upwards.

If you’re feeling exhausted or stressed out, do check out the La terra spa, which offers wine spa therapy using natural, eco-friendly ingredients. The spa has also thoughtfully tailored treatment sessions for mothers and fathers.

The overall experience at RISONARE Yatsugatake was a massively enjoyable one. The facilities are evidently well thought out to suit the needs of its guests and the staff performs top-notch service. The fresh air and gorgeous mountain views, make RISONARE Yatsugatake great escape from the city life while still enjoying the modern luxuries. The area of Kobuchizawa also offers endless dining and entertainment options that bring you close to nature!

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