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Fish your own dinner!

Photo: Jessica Lin
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Zauo is a restaurant which offers quality food, as well as leisure. The restaurant is creatively designed to simulate fishing on the ocean. As you walk into the restaurant, you’ll see a large boat that occupies the center of the restaurant, surrounded by water with an array of fish.

Customers can sit inside the huge boat or on the side with private rooms for dining and fishing. Fishing is available on and off the boat in the restaurant. They encourages customers to reel in their own fish by promoting cheaper prices for the fish you catch than the ones on the menu. There are five options available to fish - sea bream, flounder, mackerel, top shell, and spiny lobster. The menu also offers a variety of food, from appetizers to main foods, and even desserts.

The fishing rods are free to take by the side of the boat. Baits can be purchased from the staff and you may begin to fish wherever you’d like. The staff can offer you tips on how to fish your desired meal. Once you have successfully caught your fish, the restaurant staff will congratulate you with loud drumming and a public announcement. The ecstasy of catching your dinner will be accompanied by applauses from the staff and other customers. Afterwards, take your fish to the chef and it will be prepared it as you wish; options include sashimi, sushi, steamed, grilled, boiled or fried. One fish can even be prepared in multiple ways!

Zauo restaurant provides a pleasant experience for its customers. Though it involves seafood and water, the restaurant is kept very clean and sanitary. By allowing customers to catch their own fish, it guarantees the freshness of the meal. Furthermore, the overall ambiance of the restaurant is enhanced through the customized interior design of the wooden boat and personal rooms boasting fishing themes.

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