The Stellar Garden Sky Lounge on a clear night (Photo: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo)

The Stellar Garden Sky Lounge

On top of the city in The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

The Stellar Garden Sky Lounge on a clear night (Photo: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo)
Joan Lambert Bailey   - 3 min read

The Sky Lounge on the 33rd floor of The Prince Park Tower Tokyo is stunning. Deep in the heart of the old city, it is within easy striking distance of the Tokyo Tower and the grand Zojoji Temple. A gem in Tokyo's repertoire of swank, high-rise bars and lounges, the Sky Lounge is high enough to offer a great view but low enough to make out the details of buildings and street life below. Large enough to accommodate nearly 100 guests, it is also cozy enough that every seat, including the bar stools along the back wall, affords a great view while the plush velvety sofas and relaxing atmosphere are a welcome reprieve after a day of sightseeing.

Things start hopping around 6:30pm, so my husband and I arrived at 5:30pm. Friendly staff (all of whom speak excellent English) guided us through an extensive menu of martinis, whiskeys, champagnes and seasonal cocktails all with clever names. Fawlty Tower Sour, anyone? After careful deliberation, we chose the Tokyo Tower Cocktail and a Yuzu Martini. Tall and slender, the Tokyo Tower Cocktail echoes the venerable icon right next door – orange juice and Belvedere vodka with a snazzy carrot, mikan segment, and cherry top – and is the Lounge's signature drink. The Yuzu Martini, though, stole the show with its sprinkle of yuzu zest underscored by smooth Grey Goose vodka and a hint of almond. Both were dangerously delicious.

“I feel like my feet are still in the city,” said my husband as we sipped our drinks while passing clouds snagged on the Tokyo Tower and rain drops rolled down the floor-to-ceiling windows. Below us the magnificent grounds of Zojoji Temple, the main temple of the Tokugawa shogunate, glowed with sakura (cherry trees) in full bloom as lights winked on in nearby cafes and winked off in surrounding offices. Finally, the Tokyo Tower itself blinked on in soft orange (the lighting choice changes depending on the season: warm orange in winter, cool orange in summer, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and a rainbow on Fridays for fun) eliciting a round of “ooh's and aah's” from the room. It was a perfect topper to a day spent in Tokyo.

Quick tips

  • Come early on a weekday for the best chance to get a seat and see Tokyo Tower light up. Doors open at 5pm on weekdays, 3pm on holidays.
  • Because smoking is allowed, an early start also means less smoke.
  • Appetizers to full meals are also available for those with a rumbling tummy.
Joan Lambert Bailey

Joan Lambert Bailey @joan.lambert.bailey

Joan Lambert Bailey lives and writes in Tokyo where she is lucky enough to get her hands dirty on a local organic farm in between forays to explore Japan from top to bottom. You can read about her adventures learning about Japanese food from seed to harvest to table at Japan Farmers Markets.