The carousel in 'Attraction Square' (Photo: Sandra Isaka)

Shinagawa Prince Hotel 'Complex'

Top 10 Things to Do

The carousel in 'Attraction Square' (Photo: Sandra Isaka)
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Just outside of Shinagawa Station's West Exit are a collection of four different Prince Hotels - the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, and the Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo. All are part of the Seibu Group and among them are rooms for travelers of every budget. There are also many things to keep guests busy. You do not need stay in the hotels, however, to take advantage of what the entire 'complex' has to offer.

Here are the top ten things to do within the Shinagawa Prince Hotel 'Complex'.

1. Listen to live music in Club EX, an 'entertainment bar', or within Stellar Ball, a large hall containing a bar counter and stage for musical performances. Concerts are infrequent, so check their website for details.

2. Go bowling! With a total of 80 lanes, it is usually possible to reserve a lane at the last minute.

3. View 350 different species of sea creatures in the Epson Aqua Stadium's aquarium. In addition to a number of tank exhibits, this small aquarium also contains a dolphin pool and another for sea lions.

4. Ride an indoor roller coaster (the Galaxy Express 999), the Dolphin Party carousel, or a pendulum ship in the Port of Pirates. Or, experience the Virtual Ride Theater. All are within the Aqua Stadium's 'Attraction Square'.

5. Watch a movie in the Shinagawa Prince Cinema. There are 10 regular theaters and a larger, stadium-style 'Cinema Zero', where all the latest releases are shown.

6. Wander through a lovely traditional Japanese garden. Although mainly for guests staying overnight, visitors to restaurants surrounding the garden are also welcome. Sip coffee in the Komyo Lounge, which has floor to ceiling windows with great garden views. Or, if weather permits, enjoy the garden from the outdoor terrace of the Grand Cafe Patio.

7. Play tennis or golf, or take lessons in either, in the large Takanawa Tennis & Golf Center. Completely indoors, this is a great facility for those who like to exercise year-round.

8. Swim in one of the indoor or outdoor pools. Although they are almost exclusively for guests staying overnight, day-visit packages are sometimes available in the summer months.

9. Pamper yourself with a massage, facial, manicure, and more. Spa The Sakura is for those who want something elegant and upscale. For those on a more limited budget, visit the collection of shops in the Beauty & Relaxation Corner on the 2nd floor of the Annex Tower.

10. Enjoy a delicious meal! In addition to a cheap and tasty food court, there are over thirty-five restaurants and cafes to choose from. Dine on Italian in the Ristorante Caffe' Ciliegio, or eat melt-in-your-mouth Japanese style steak at Katsura. A favorite family choice is the Aqua Dining Tropics, where diners are surrounded by aquariums full of tropical fish.

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