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Pelican Cafe in Asakusa

Excellent thick toast and sandwiches in Asakusa

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Pelican Cafe is a restaurant associated with the renowned Pelican Bakery in Asakusa. This bakery is well-known for its freshly baked shokupan and dinner rolls, and is a few minutes down the street from the Cafe. The bakery was the subject of a documentary called "Pelican: 74 Years of Tradition," detailing the history of the shop. It is very popular and known to often sell out before the end of the day. Pelican Cafe opened in 2017, and the lines are a testament to its loyal following.

The Cafe is cozy and has a simple breakfast menu with toast and savory and sweet sandwiches. The ham katsu sandwich has a delicious sauce and the ham is juicy and not too smoky. Sweet sandwiches include fruit sandwiches, red bean paste on toast, or fried bread crusts. Drinks include coffee, tea and orange juice. Seasonal items include soup of the day, which was a creamy tomato soup on this visit. The lunch menu includes salad, soup or stew, and toast sandwiches with fried ham and egg, cheese, or omelette. Prices are affordable and the service attentive and efficient. Souvenirs are also available including canvas bags with the store logo, or coffee cups.

The cafe is open from 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m. every day of the week except for Sunday and Wednesdays. It is recommended to go early before opening to get a ticket number as lines can form quickly and the space is not big. Time can be spent exploring the nearby streets of Asakusa or trendy Kuramae before the store opens. Pelican Cafe is close to Asakusa Station and within walking distance. A newer branch of the Cafe also exists in Azabudai Hills Tower Plaza. Pelican Cafe is worth visiting for breakfast before heading over to nearby Sensoji temple for sightseeing.

Getting there

Pelican Bakery is in walking distance from Asakusa Station and about 9 minutes.

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